So i am skipping about in the book Our Band Could Be Your Life: Scenes from the American Indie Underground, 1981-1991. Only reading the parts i really care about. because i am selfish and decadent like that.

I read the opening essay, which was brillant. i loved it. In it Michael Azerrad writes about how nirvana and the entire alt-rock scene owes a debt to the bands that sprung forth in the ’80s.

It’s amazing how much was going on in the late 70s and early 80s. boggles my mind. for instance, i was nine years old in 1981 and here’s a little bit of what happened in music history:

Sonic Youth Formed

Replacements release “Sorry Ma, Forgot to take out the Trash”

Henry Rollins joins Black Flag

REM release Radio Free Europe.

20 years ago! can you believe that? i was listening to “donny and marie go coconuts” while rem and the replacements were releasing records.

of course, i only read the parts about husker du and the replacements so far. because those are the bands i am most interested in. i ate it up. it’s like a fun sort of history. listening about the band’s orgins and the shit they got into.

i was much more pleased with the husker du section, maybe because i didn’t know so much about them. i found the ‘mats section to be more than a bit disappointing. i think that’s based on my own knowledge and not any fault of the author.

the thing that struck me is how all the guys in the bands got together initially just to listen to records. i wonder if this is a male phenomenon. listening to records? you always hear about guys doing that when they are teenagers. i don’t remember doing that. we’d listen to music, my friends and me, but that was hardly the main activity. it was more of a background noise sort of thing.

we were much too busy taking the quizzes in YM, Seventeen and Sassy.

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  1. laural 27.Sep.01 at 1:00 am

    When I was still living at home that was the riff, except I would listen to records alone for hours, or with my brothers. But when I left home me and my friends would sit around and listen to stuff. “You gotta hear this, it’s the best Elton John song ever!” or some such…