the woe is me saturday night blues

i am not sure what my damage is, but i am grouchy. i dunno if it’s even grouchy, i am annoyed and kinda pissed off. about what i am not so sure.

oh she of furrowed brow, frowny face and anger at the back of her brain. that is me.

i even made a sammich, because sammiches make mouths happy– maybe the happiness of my belly and my mouth would spill over onto my disposition. it didn’t work. chocolate milk didn’t work either. in a little bit i will try the orgasm-method of pissed-offedness disposal. if that doesn’t work, nothing will.

not exactly part of the problem, but annoying nonetheless, is the recent slagging of me, the internet’s sweetheart, by my fellow columnists at backwash.

i like writing for backwash. it’s fun. it’s more structured than the stuff i do here, i like the deadlines and the discipline. i don’t like the pettiness of some of my fellow backwashers.

everybody is not going to like me. i know this, but it still irks me when people activey don’t like me. it drive me nuts. earlier this week one of the writers was slamming me on the message boards. it wasn’t subtle either. i am not a big fan of the passive/agressive bullshit. i don’t like to be poked, prodded and otherwise enticed into a flame war.

instead of getting petty and slamming her back, or pouting, i wrote her an e-mail asking her if i had upset her. seems i had sent her an e-mail weeks ago that pissed her off. so instead of saying, “hey you know, that sucked.” she just sets out to make me look bad.


then i get home last night and read this (it’s the entry called ‘how to create reality’. yes, a most definite slam on me. especially since this was posted shortly after my booksnob column.

what the fuck?

i just dont get it. i would never publically slam someone like that without talking to them first. if something bothers me, i tell the person. passive/agressive bullshit like this just pisses me off.


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  1. j 19.Aug.01 at 2:51 am

    just be happy dammit…things do get worse ya know.

    I noticed I really do get the same angry sometimes and the best thing to do is just beat the hell out of something or someone…

    and this just one really fucking happy world????

  2. Kevin 19.Aug.01 at 7:52 pm

    I always ignore criticism from people too chicken to either name names or do it in person. Plus, I hope Julius’s first language isn’t English. If it is, I hope he’s (she’s?) fourteen and still in school. No one who writes that poorly has any room for criticism. Buck up, the world is full of small minds and poor voices. It’s best to let them fall into the background of life’s white noise.

  3. erica 20.Aug.01 at 12:26 pm

    i hate live journal. it sucks. that’s just my .02 cents

  4. fuck 08.Mar.03 at 4:19 pm

    FUCK! I thought it would be mildly entertaining.