don’t go back to rockville

My loads of stuff to do has quickly reverted back to amusing myself during the work day and marking time until people get the stuff to me that I need to do my job. Argh! I am quite possibly the most impatient person on the planet. Waiting five minutes is too much for me, so waiting three days is very much like hell.

Since I’ve been sneaking out early a lot lately, I feel most guilty heading for home right now. I am giving it another 30 minutes before I make tracks. Of course, that means 30 more minutes of self-amusement.

In anticipation of the weezer record tomorrow, I’ve downloaded a whole slug of weezer song’s I’ve never heard of before (including one obviously dedicated to me called “the prettiest girl in the whole wide world” I am the internet’s sweetheart afterall). It’s been great gobs of fun. It’s been what 4 or 5 year since “pinkerton” came out? No wonder I am so excited I can hardly sit still.

I think it was my first senior year in college (yes, I had two of them, the second time around I was a super senior). I think I was about 22. Amy skal and I had tired of hanging out at all the college bars down on water street and had decided to frequent the “townie” bars that dotted downtown eau claire. Ok, feel free to laugh at the concept of downtown eau claire. I think it was downtown was a 3×6 block area. Heh, but we loved it there.

Often times you could find us at the mousetrap, where skal occasionally tended bar, tormenting ol’ meathead johnson. we hung out there so often that mouse (who owned the bar) took to calling us the girls. I loved it.

The mousetrap wasn’t our favorite hole in the wall. That honor was reserved for a place called the Diamound Lounge (and that’s how they spelled diamond, don’t ask me why). The Diamound Lounge had a GIANT mural of a deer in the woods painted (or it could have been wallpapered) on one wall. The carpet was red and there were three pool tables that were almost always empty when we walked in.

The Diamound Lounge was mostly populated by 40-something hicks and 50-something men who were laid off when the goodyear plant closed. I think they were amused when skal and I would stroll in to down leinies and shoot pool. Despite it’s appearance and older clientele, the Diamound had a pretty eclectic jukebox. My favorite was “undone” by weezer. I’d play that song every time we came in (which was usually Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights). Sometimes I’d play it two or three times. I never tired of that song. I’d sing and dance to it.

I visited the diamound so often and played that song so frequently that it got to the point where I would belly up to the bar to get a beer and one of the old men would give me a quarter.

“here, honey, go play your song.”

I’d play my song, and a few rem tunes. oddly enough, it was rem tunes I always played with the weezer song. I am not just making it up. The jukebox had “end of the world” and “don’t go back to rockville.” Skal was in love with Michael Stipe, so I always had to play at least one rem song.

Wow. Now I really, really can’t wait for those records to come out tomorrow.

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  1. andrea 14.May.01 at 6:08 pm

    Did you download the one, I think it’s called “The first time I saw you”…? It’s so great, so funny. I think I am gonna buy the new weezer cd just for that song.

  2. scooterboy 14.May.01 at 8:19 pm

    talk to stars about weezer.. he’s obsessed.

  3. jodi 14.May.01 at 8:35 pm

    you say that like it’s a bad thing.

  4. mickmars 14.May.01 at 11:46 pm

    i saw weezer open for live in i don’t know maybe 1994 or 1995 and those little sumbitches in their button down shirts and geetars rawked me like a damn hurricane. that first record of theirs i would say is one of the most best rawk records ever produced by humans. put it on and listen if you don’t believe me. it will only take you maybe 45minutes to get through the whole thing. weezer, i salute thee.

    and that rem record, i’m gonna go get that at lunch and rock the headphones all afternoon at work. i’ve read stuff about the record, and it’s looking like it will sound just like rem should, making me think of college and small towns and skateboards and being outside at night.

  5. jodi 15.May.01 at 9:32 am

    are you drunk?

  6. mickmars 15.May.01 at 9:42 am

    mickmars is always drunk! and my book comes out next tuesday. buy it!