Following the creative process

Yesterday at lunch, my boss told me I had to work on my online portfolio. It is, according to her, my top priority above all other things that I might need to do. I nodded my agreement that it was, in fact, a very important thing to do and told her I’d get right on it.

Before she left work yesterday she stopped by my desk to see how the online portfolio was going. I was, of course, in the midst of reading Ask MeFi.

“That doesn’t look at a portfolio to me,” she said.

I then had to give her a lecture about creative process. I told her that while my creative process might resemble someone who is sitting around procrastinating, it is the process that works for me. The process also includes a lot of pacing, swearing, and Nutter Butters. She looked skeptical, but I assured her it worked.

Longtime readers and friends know that I cannot produce anything until I’ve spent most of a day letting my brain rest in a semi-vegetative state.

Because I am an ambitious go-getter, I got right to work on that creative process thing first thing this morning by watching parts of a Cary Grant double feature on TCM bookended by two episodes of A Different World, followed by listening to the Junot Diaz and George Saunders episodes of Bookworm.

Things are looking good for my online portfolio creation. I can’t wait to see what I come up with by Sunday night.

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